If Goben Convention Services are the Contractor for your event, then we have a contract with the Association Organizers.

The contract is for all the core logistics in producing the trade show.

These core services include:

  • Floor Space Layout
  • Producing the Exhibitor Manual
  • Providing on-line ordering services
  • Material Handling - Advance Warehouse Receiving
  • Material Handling - Show-Site Freight unloading
  • Booth Space Partitions
  • Booth Furniture
  • Custom Booth Rentals
  • Booth Carpet
  • Signs & Graphics
  • Audio Visual
  • Labor Install & Dismantle
  • Aisle Carpet
  • Aisle signage
  • Registration and Signage
  • Entranceway Rentals

The General Contractor is given complete control by the Association over these operations to benefit a safe and timely move in process.

It is important to read the Exhibitor Show Kit to understand what you can and cannot do at events. When you select your exhibit space and sign your contract with the Association you, by reference, agree to abide by all shows rules contained in the Exhibitor Kit.

Your trade show partner


Throughout the decades, our clients have much to say. We have included a diverse cross-section below as we reach into 2019, Goben Convention Services.

FAHPERDS - The Florida Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance & Sport has used Goben’s services for the last 6-7 years. We have them create all aspects of our show. Without exception, every element has been perfect! The service we receive from the Goben Convention Services staff has been nothing short of a 10+. We are certainly not their largest client, but we are certainly among their many totally satisfied and delighted clients. Since we are predominately an education organization, we recognize Goben Convention Services with the grade of A+.

We are customers who are satisfied and appreciative for their level of quality service and dependability. They get it right!

Dr. Karen J. Dowd, Executive Director, FAHPERDS

Service level is excellent! We found that the Goben personnel were very organized, efficient, and professional. They were very accommodating and helpful with our requests. We will be using their services in the future and do recommend their services to anyone seeking exposition or trade show services.

Sue McKinley and Pam Kluck, Executive Secretaries
Mid-America Orthopaedic Association

The Service from Goben is excellent and we will definitely recommend you. It's perfect. I think at the end of the day, it is the contact person who service you is the one who makes the difference. Look foward to working with you in the years ahead.

Yew-Luan Takahashi
Ken Associates Inc, Tokyo

We rate Goben very highly, they have always been very responsive and focused on the detail and service necessary to make an event work. I like the fact that they make it look so easy.

We have been working with Goben for 3 years and have been impressed with their operation from day 1. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and share their contact information with you.

Halldale Media Group, Andy Smith, President

After 30 years of planning conventions and trade shows across the country, I have had the privilege of working with Goben Convention Services for well over a decade. They have provided full trade-show support for our annual convention.

Because of Goben’s professional, courteous, thorough attention to detail—before, during and after the show--the trade show element of the event is literally the least of my worries. I recommend Goben Convention Services without hesitation or reservation.

John N. Carson, Director of Meetings & Conventions
Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia



 Welcome to Goben Convention Services!
As you know, in these difficult economic times, many organizations have trimmed back services and expect more for their budget than in previous years.

Our simple belief has always been to exceed the expectations of the agreed upon contract for your show or event. Specifically, we bring decades of experience and our belief revolves around the idea that we take care of all the details and assume the responsibility of your show. The standard may be to drop off your equipment, set it up and leave. Our Goben assurance is completely unique. Let's stay engaged with the client and see what we can do to make the show a perfect success.

As the President of Goben Convention Services, I understand the complexity of the industry and look beyond just selling products and services. We build relationships through value with our commitment to your success.

Let us know how we can help you reach your convention and trade service goals.


About Us




Our Goben employees have many years experience in the tradeshow business.


We understand the needs of customers may be urgent or require a fast response. Each show will be assigned a customer service rep (CSR) who will be available at any time to assist.


Our staff are entrusted to respond to requests with respect and personal interest.


We understand the needs of our clients vary. We are a small business so we can adjust our internal procedures quickly to be accommodating.